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Manicure and Pedicure

Barton’s uses the OPI range of Manicure and Pedicure products for the ultimate in nail care. If you are seeking to give your hands and feet a complete makeover, then look no further. Our comprehensive range of nail treatments includes shaping and painting, cuticle removal and care, and nail painting. Our exfoliation, massage and moisturising treatments will also keep your hands and feet feeling soft and smooth.


  • Nail shape, file and paint – £11.00
  • Manicure – £26.00
  • Pedicure – £30.00

* For French manicure, please add £2.00 to the price of appropriate treatments above

OPI GelColor Nails

Barton’s uses OPI GelColor to deliver a beautiful, flawless and high gloss finish to your natural nails. OPI GelColor is instantly dry to the touch and is highly resistant to chips and smudging. Its protective coating is especially beneficial if you are trying to grow longer nails and will las for up to 14 days with correct aftercare. OPI GelColor is easily removed, causing no damage to the natural nails.


  • OPI GelColor application – £25.00
  • OPI GelColor removal – £10.00 *

* Linda can help clients save removal costs by teaching them to take off gel nails themselves.